What Sidscape Will Do and Won't Do:

Sidscape Will:

  • Assist and aid in the development of recording projects whether it be CD cover design, mixing and mastering tracks, getting mechanical licenses for pre-written cover songs or working with a manufacturer to mass produce CD /DVD units. (Being so new, Sidscape is not currently equipped for Blu-Ray at this time but we will in the future as the company becomes more established.)
  • Take photos for your album royalty free (for CD cover and poster reproductions only. If one of Sidscape's photos end up on the cover of Rolling Stone, etc., we're gonna want some money). Clients only pay for photo sessions, the time to Photoshop and format your photos to your CD cover, posters, dealing with the manufacturer etc. Sidscape has photo lights, a digital SLR camera and can also do small green screen sessions. Best tip for CD covers; Keep them simple and not too busy. Sidscape reserves the right to use the photos on its website and other promotional media. So in the case you become world famous, we can say, "Here, we took their picture." We can also hire a fabulous hair and makeup stylist who has experience making up artists for album shoots.

Sidscape Will NOT:

  • Foot the bill for your project and expect payment from the incredible amounts of profits you believe your recorded units will rake in from your massive fans who are dying to buy your albums. Clients are responsible for all production costs including any fees Sidscape charges for its services.
  • Book concerts, "gigs" or any other kind of public performance. However if the client chooses to rent concert space, sell tickets, etc., Sidscape will assist in that process.  Still the client is responsible for all costs including Sidscape's fees for services, supplies, external hirings of stage hands, lighting people, stage managers, etc. For now, this service is confined to the Southwest Virginia area mainly in the Roanoke Valley, Salem, Vinton, Smith Mountain Lake and other applicable areas.
  • Promise you air or play time of your music on the radio, television, elevators, malls or even your Aunt Susie's iPhone, your mother(s) or father(s) players, or anyone else's player you have ever met and/or have known in your entire life. The client is solely responsible for their own solicitation.
  • Ever, ever, ever promise any client success. Sidscape believes this factor depends on the artist and not with any production company. Big recording labels have promised success to their artists in the past and can anyone count the number of album flops?  They are as numerous as the stars in the sky or forgotten acts. We want all our clients to be successful and we will cheer if you win a Grammy award and will give you love hugs if you fall on your face, but then we'll give suggestions on how to make it better. The biggest success tip for any type of artist; try to please one person and grow from there. If you're out to become another Lady Gaga, sorry we're fresh out of eggs.
  • Design and/or program artist websites, Facebook pages, do tweets, peeps, or any other kind of new social media buzzword that comes up in the future. The market is saturated with artist web designers and hosts. We can suggest web hosts that are good and inexpensive however Sidscape does not want to turn into a website or computer support company. Sidscape will not be responsible or liable for any relationships with the computer support businesses which are suggested. Sidscape  will merely suggest but we don't want to get into a client's online presence.