Sidscape Products and Services:


First and foremost, Sidscape's main product is its own CD sales of its owner, Sidney Vaught.

In the future we would like to sign other artists but we are not currently doing so at this time. However this could change rapidly.


-Mixing and mastering of original pre-recorded tracks done by the artist or   
 affiliate seeking these services.

(We will not merely place your voice over a previously mixed and mastered instrumental track.  Each instrument must be originally produced by actual instrumentalists or using virtual instruments with a full commercial license owned by the artist and each on its own separate audio track without equalization or compression.)

-Provide photos for CD cover, artist websites and posters on a royalty
 free basis and photo sessions. Can provide photo lights and a small green
 screen setup. 

 (The royalty free aspect of this service does not include printed media 
 outside of CD cover, artist websites and poster reproductions.)

 -Provide photo shoot hair and makeup services.
 (Limited to availability of a stylist at the time of the photo shoot.)

-Design and format photo and artwork for CD covers and posters. We have a 
 full Adobe Master Collection Suite containing Photoshop 64 bit version.

-Will assist with public performances if the act rents a concert space, hall or 
 auditorium and wishes to sell tickets.  Sidscape is not a booking agency
 for bars, festivals or for pay to play environments. We prefer to keep this
 service more of an assistance service for acquiring performance spaces and 
 set up online ticket selling capabilities with a reputable ticketing service.    

 (This service is limited to the Southwest Virginia area. Cleaning or damages
 to the performance space is strictly the responsibility of the hiring act. You
 trash it, you pay for it.)

-Can provide limited recording services for a few instruments, vocals and small 
 drum set.  Sidscape prefers receiving already recorded audio tracks as
 specified above done in your studio or staging area.

 (Currently, we must do this on your site and not ours. Although we have a 
 very small recording studio, we can't accommodate a full band at this time.)

-Assist in acquiring mechanical licenses for pre-written cover songs for audio

-Assist with ordering mass production copies of your album with Sidscape's manufacturer.


Prices and fees are done on an individual project basis. Manufacturing and mechanical licenses alone for cover songs of an album of 10 tracks can cost around $2,500 for 1,000 units. This price framework is on the basis the artist does their own photography and CD cover design using the templates provided by the manufacturer.  If all original songs are used then mechanical licenses are not required and about $1,000 can be knocked off the sample estimate above.

Sidscape charges by the hour and the per hour fee is determined by the commitment and complexity of the project. All quotes are subject to changes and increases as Sidscape's responsibility and complexity of the project increases.