The Sidscape Vision

Who says you can only make it in big cities like Los Angeles or New York? With the independent (indie) music movement, anyone can create and record music anywhere.

The old big recording studio structure where a corporation dictated if an artist would record another album or not due to the latest trend either invented, dictated or erroneously perceived by corporate executives is thankfully coming to an end. With the endless musical choices today, large record labels are losing money every day as more and more customers are buying albums by independent artists. Even famous artists are no longer renewing their big label recording contracts and are either producing themselves or are turning to the smaller recording houses.

Look at some of the music being produced by big labels today. They just don't appeal to people who have musical tastes beyond that of a 15 year old. In many cases, 15 year olds are listening to music recorded in the 1970's.

Sidscape’s vision is to further endorse the independent music movement by creating thought provoking media, either through audio or video formats.  In the future, Sidscape wants to realize other artists and help them produce quality recordings.

Sidscape doesn’t want to be another money-hogging company where the artists sit on the backend of their original, intellectual properties where publishing rights are turned over to the recording label thus the artists only make money off their concerts and get pennies per unit from their album sales.  We want to turn that around. This is not to say Sidscape will not profit off their productions, however we want to make the studio/artist relationship to be more in favor of the artist and not the production company.

For the artist, this means the people making music will have to take on more of a producing role where a good business sense is required.  Yes, believe it or not, artists can be business people too, though many don’t want to take on that responsibility. Sidscape doesn’t want to be a “do it all” body.  Sidscape will act as more of a guide, helping artists with the technological hurdle of media productions and also advising the artist about musical quality, understandability, relate-ability, etc.

Sidscape believes with the changing environment of media productions of all kinds, this kind of model will help better sustain today’s recording studios and artists.